About Me

I have wanted a dog for as long as I can remember, but when I was growing up we simply couldn’t have one. I am now 27, having left home at 16 I could have got any pet at any time, but I decided to wait until I was happy that I could devote enough time to my furry companion.

Feeling well prepared, with essentially years of research under my belt, and in a new job that enables me to work from home, I’m ready for the plunge!

But still, I read a lot of conflicting information and advice online, and can’t get the answers to many basic questions. At 8 weeks old, how much will my pup sleep? If I leave her to cry at night without going down to comfort her, how long until she settles? Well I’m going to find out these, and much more… Can I train her to sniff out my house keys if lose them? Ambitious!

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